Cat on Mars - red planet.Peculiar fish in sunshine.The sun, with sunflairs.Bee on trunk.
Tiger hugging a tree.Queen of Fantasi.Peacock in Sunrise. Watercolor on paper.Parapfrase. Mona Lisa in sunset. Oil on canvas.
Portrait. Boy. Oil on canvas.H.C. Andersen. Oil on canvas.Røde tulipaner. Ret tulips. Oil on canvas.Fish. Watercolour on paper.
Apples, oil on canvas.Red poppy in sunrise. Oil on canvas.Tulip. A look down. Oil on canvas.Cow eating nearby Lake.... watercolour on paper.
Elg, moose with cat.... watercolour on paper.Butterfly on cats nose... watercolour on paper.Østerlars rundkirke, Bornholm. Oil on canvas.Little piggy
Feather. Watercolour on paper.Heart-energy.Symfoni, flowers and fruits. Tusch and watercolour on paper.Deer in Canola Field. Akrylick om canvas.
Tullips and butterflies bush. Acrylick on canvas.Appletree in Sunrise. Oil on canvas.Flower-fairly. Acrylick on canvas.portrait of H.C. Andersen. Coloured pencil on paper.
Fall. Acrylick on canvas.Portrait of young student. Educated in Denmark. Oilpastel on paper.Young man. Coal and pastel on colored papirThe Earth-The blue planet. Acrylick on canvas.

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