Feather. Watercolour on paper.Heart-energy.Symfoni, flowers and fruits. Tusch and watercolour on paper.Deer in Canola Field. Akrylick om canvas.
Tullips and butterflies bush. Acrylick on canvas.Appletree in Sunrise. Oil on canvas.Flower-fairly. Acrylick on canvas.portrait of H.C. Andersen. Coloured pencil on paper.
Fall. Acrylick on canvas.Portrait of young student. Educated in Denmark. Oilpastel on paper.Young man. Coal and pastel on colored papirThe Earth-The blue planet. Acrylick on canvas.
Watercolor. " Things for Kotori" App: Kotori, your flying friend.Tusch and Watercolor. " Little dog in Sunrise"Nicola Tesla. Oil on canvas.Elefant eating. Tusch and watercolor on paper.
Rødhals. Oil on canvas.Vorterod. Oil on canvas.Anemone, Spring time. Oil on canvas.Women bathing, in sunrise. Oil om canvas.
Hibiscus. Oil om canvas.The sun, with sunstorms. Akrylic om canvas.Portrait of indian. coal on canvas.Bear in Sunrise. Oil om canvas.
Woman in space.Marilyn Monroe. Oil and acrylic om canvas.Badende kvinde i solopgang. Olie og akryl på lærred.2019-10-02_11-56-29
Karan Blixen. Oil on canvas.Gardian Angel. Oil on canvas.Oil and acrylic on canvas.Albert Einstein. Oil and acrylic om canvas.

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