Honney bee in thunderstorm. Oil on canvas.Colibrier som parrer sig. Watercolour.Honningbi i tordenvejr. Watercolour.Little lake in Sweeden. watercolour.
Watercolour. Cow.Blue Bells, klokkeblomster, watercolour.Water lilies, watercolour.White owl hunting. watercolour and ink-pencel.
Sæl bader i iskoldt vand. Watercolor.Tulipan i tordenvejr. Oil on canvas.Papegøje - tulipan. Oil on canvas.The sun, with sunflairs.
Rød kornvalmue i solopgang. Red poppy in sunrise.Chimpanse. Watercolor.Birketræ, Spring. Watercolor.Havmåge. Watercolor.
Blå skovskade. watercolor.Amadeus- dog. Watercolor.Deer in canola fields.Kolibri. watercolor.
Cat on Mars - red planet.Peculiar fish in sunshine.The sun, with sunflairs.Bee on trunk.
Tiger hugging a tree.Queen of Fantasi.Peacock in Sunrise. Watercolor on paper.Parapfrase. Mona Lisa in sunset. Oil on canvas.
Portrait. Boy. Oil on canvas.H.C. Andersen. Oil on canvas.Røde tulipaner. Ret tulips. Oil on canvas.Fish. Watercolour on paper.

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