Rød kornvalmue I solopgang. 80x80 cm.Green sun, with sunflairs. Acrylick on canvas.Tree. Watercolor on paper.Apple. Watercolor on paper.
Blue pot. Watercolor on paper.Blue Face of woman. Oil on canvas.Blue anemone. Oil and acrylick on canvas.Blue sun, with sunflairs. Acrylick on canvas.
The universal Christ. Acrylick on canvas.The sun with sunflairs. Acrylic on canvas.Yellow moon. Acrylic on canvas.The pyramids of Giza. Mixed media on canvas.
Frida Kahlo. Mixed media on canvas.My grandchrild, Maya with her mother.Blue fish. Watercolor.Sweden. Watercolour.
Flowers fe. SwedenLandscape, lake in Sweden.Sommer landscape, Gurre.Fall, Orange tree. Sweden.
Honney bee in thunderstorm. Oil on canvas.Colibrier som parrer sig. Watercolour.Honningbi i tordenvejr. Watercolour.Little lake in Sweeden. watercolour.
Watercolour. Cow.Blue Bells, klokkeblomster, watercolour.Water lilies, watercolour.White owl hunting. watercolour and ink-pencel.
Sæl bader i iskoldt vand. Watercolor.Tulipan i tordenvejr. Oil on canvas.Papegøje - tulipan. Oil on canvas.The sun, with sunflairs.

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